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dog_icons's Journal

Dog Icons
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Icon Challenge community gone to the dogs!

This community has a weekly icon contest that is open to all levels of iconmaking experience. It is also a place to share dog-related graphics, with an emphasis on icons.

Schedule of Contest
Each contest is 2-weeks in length, not including voting time. There is no specified schedule, to accommodate potential delays, etc.

Do's and Dont's
DO share graphics (icons, banners, wallpapers, etc) that are dog-related in theme.
DO make requests - if you want an icon made of your pup, go ahead and post the pic and ask iconmakers to have at it. :)
DO place graphics larger than 300 x 300 pixels behind a lj-cut.
DO include your rules regarding taking icons.
DO NOT mock, put down or make fun of icons. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, but please keep it constructive, not mean or condescending.

Community Advertisement: We welcome you to advertise your community if it fulfills the following rules
- it is related to graphic making (icons, tutorials, etc. ad naseum)
- it is dog-related excluding any community that supports breed specific legislation or breed discrimination .
The maintainers and community reserves the right to delete any community advertisement.

Every contest will be either a Breed Contest or a Puppy Hunt Selection.
Bow Wow Breed Base - A mod will post five pictures of a breed (or mixed breed). Iconmakers use those photos to create icons.
Puppy Hunt Selection A mod will select a theme, like dogs playing, and post five photographs for iconmakers to choose from.

Basic Rules
~You may enter up to THREE (3) icons for each theme~
~Create icons SOLELY for the icontest~
~Do not post icons anywhere else until after voting is completed~
~Keep icons 40kb or less and 100x100 pixels in size~
~Post the icon AND the URL when entering (see example~

URL: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y281/Violetcows/Dog%20Icon%20Contests/wk21_dal_a.jpg
~Do not vote for yourself or get others to vote for you~
~If you win a theme three times in a row, we ask you to not participate in the proceeding contest for that theme. After a one contest hiatus, you may participate in that theme again~
~Always credit the icon makers for their work~


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